Barker’s Music:

Piano Lessons

Rachael Simpson is a graduate of C.S.U.S. with a degree in piano performance. Rachael has been teaching six years and is MTAC certified.  She teaches Monday through Friday, days and evenings and is certified to accept charter home school students.  You can contact Rachel at    (209) 202-4023.


Jenna Ransom
Jenna Labadie is an inspiration and great teacher. She can be reached at 209-531-6726
or through Barker's Music.  Jenna has a degree in piano and can teaches advanced piano.


Susan Wong has many adult students  in the morning; young students too. 209-480-7187 or

Tisha DeHaven, piano instructor  209-404-3553;

.Marian Schwartz, piano instructor 209-595-7249;

Makenna Wallace, young beginners , 209-404-3376;  

                                                             Modesto Teachers Associate for N.W. Modesto is Lindia Popkas 579-0108.
                                  The MTA associate for Turlock, Hughson, Denair & Empire is Karon Potter 667-5196

 Pam Tullman 545-6872  Modesto Academy of Music and Design ...SALIDA/RIPON


When: 8 AM to 8:30 PM
Who: 4 years old to 90
Methods and Programs: vary to fit the student

 MODESTO (209)
Rachael Simpson 202-4023

Tisha DeHaven 404-3553;
Susan Wong 480-7187;
Jenna Labadie  531-6726
Marian Schwartz 595-7249
Makenna Wallce 404-3376


Bee Sen 298-5063
Louise Lambdin 474-1189

Donna Mizuno 833-7551
Kathleen Martnez 832-7473


Sara Coles McFadyen 744-1464

Dianne VanderHamm 334-2578
Mona Benight, 368-4600

Wendi Kirby-Alexander 369-2680


northwest Modesto: Amy Maris piano 613-2890

Pam Tullman: 545-6872 Salida/Ripon